You might ask, “What is a God Ball?” You know how God is invisible, right? And that’s pretty inconvenient sometimes, right? That’s where the God Ball comes in. The God Ball comes to show that God is always there for you, and is a part of your life. Anonymous Hermit created the God Ball so that everyone can remember that they are not alone, and that God wants to be a part of your life.

The God Ball was first created one evening in 2006. Anonymous Hermit, a self-taught knitter, learned how to make a knitted ball. She thought that if people could just see God, they would feel a lot less lonely, and by extension, if they could see something that reminded them of God, they wouldn’t be lonely at all. Then, she realized that God made everything in the universe and, therefore, He also made that knitted ball sitting on her desk. The God Ball was formed—A microcosm of the universe! Magical.

Many people have reported that the God Ball has a unique and soothing vibe that helps them in many ways.

Anonymous Hermit donates a portion of the proceeds to orphanages in Nepal.

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