Frequently Asked Questions

Why start pricing the Internet at all?

Internet transport is already priced, though many users seem unaware of that. Pricing is on the basis of a fixed monthly subscription fee for a connection of a given bandwidth. In most cases in the U.S. the incremental usage of that bandwidth is priced at a flat rate of zero. The reasonable question is not whether the Internet should be priced at all, but what type of pricing should be used. How should prices be set? One of the fundamental principles of economics is that prices should reflect costs. More specifically, the price of something should reflect it's incremental social cost, meaning the total cost to society of providing an additional unit of the good.

Why is the God Ball so expensive?

They are a tad pricey because they are all handmade with love. They take a lot of time to make, then there are the printing costs, the website fees, etc. Then on top of all that, Anonymous Hermit does give a portion of the proceeds to Orphans in Nepal.

StarCraft legend Flash comes to Twitch and Razer

Two-time player of the year Lee "Flash" Young Ho announces his StarCraft II team KT Rolster will be sponsored by Razer and will stream events on Twitch. Two-time player of the year Lee "Flash" Young Ho announces his StarCraft II team KT Rolster will be sponsored by Razer and will stream events on Twitch. If you're new here and not quite sure what to do first (after you've gotten the latest FAQs, cheats, and codes), don't forget to register if you haven't yet (it's free), read through the Help Files, and feel free to jump in and start contributing! Don't forget to check out the latest FAQs posted for Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, Eragon, Payday: The Heist, and Decay - Part 2. We've also got new reviews for Deadpool, Shin Megami Tensei IV, and New Super Luigi U, plus new cheats for Deadpool and Spartacus Legends.

Is Creative Commons against copyright ?

Absolutely not. CC has responded to claims to the contrary. CC licenses are copyright licenses, and depend on the existence of copyright to work. CC licenses are legal tools that creators and other rightsholders can use to offer certain usage rights to the public, while reserving other rights. Those who want to make their work available to the public for limited kinds of uses while preserving their copyright may want to consider using CC licenses. Others who want to reserve all of their rights under copyright law should not use CC licenses.

What is Creative Commons and what do you do?

Creative Commons is a global nonprofit organization that enables sharing and reuse of creativity and knowledge through the provision of free legal tools. CC has affiliates all over the world who help ensure our licenses work internationally and who raise awareness about our work. Our legal tools help those who want to encourage reuse of their works by offering them for use under generous, standardized terms, those who want to make creative uses of works, and those who want to benefit from this symbiosis. Our vision is to help others realize the full potential of the internet. Although Creative Commons is best known for licenses, our work extends beyond just providing copyright licenses. CC offers a number of other legal and technical tools that also facilitate sharing and discovery of creative works. Unlike other public legal tools, Creative Commons' licenses and tools were designed specifically to work with the web, which makes content that is offered under their terms easy to search for, discover and use. CC also offers other legal tools, such as CC0, a public domain dedication for rightsholders who wish to put their work into the public domain in advance of the expiration of applicable copyright, and the Public Domain Mark, a tool for marking a work that is in the worldwide public domain. Additionally, Creative Commons makes available tools used by scientific communities, such as standard materials transfer agreements.

Is that real??

No... It's photoshop stuff.